November 2nd, 2004

Old Glory

Not-so-super Tuesday

I went and cancelled a few votes just a little while ago. I wish I could say "I voted my consciensce" or that I was able to vote for "the right people" but I won't lie. As far as the presidential election, whatever; neither candidate is actually in line with my views, but I'll tell you this: I can't in good conscience vote for someone who aligns themselves with the platform of the Democratic Party because their beliefs are so much in opposition to my own. Please, don't crash LJ with your simultaneous sucking of air and bashing of keyboards. I realize this is in opposition to about 99% of the people who will read this (special thanks to gymbrall for defeating the sweep), but you don't read my LJ because I'm a staunch supporter of all things Democrat (or Republican either, for that matter) anyway.

What interests me more than the big dawgs in this election is all the posturing and threatening by, literally, thousands of lawyers poised to contest election results. Politics sickens me because of how childish and vicious it is, and has always been. It is fitting only in a society where the WWE's ratings compete with "reality TV" shows like Temptation Island; where Elim-A-Date and Howard Stern fight for time slots; where the most common commercials are about Bob's discovery of Envite and how you can effortlessly lose 100 pounds using Leptoprin, but only if you are truly obese, this isn't for someone who can "easily lose weight" and who only needs to lose a few "vanity pounds."

What I'm getting at is the fact that in a society/culture that is gullable enough to buy these products, and shallow enough to call these programs "entertainment," and we are, or they wouldn't be growing in numbers, we deserve no more than the people that are being chosen to represent us in our nation's capital, and to all the world. Why is our government worried that the Iraqis don't have freedom from tyranny, but not worried about the freedoms they are steadily taking from their own citizens? What has happened to the thinkers? They must be watching TV.

Another thing I found interesting was that all the judges are listed as "nonpartisan" rather than listing a political party with which they are affiliated. Is that fooling anyone? Is anyone in this country so naive as to believe that judges are actually impartial? Or "nonpartisan"? At least politicians are still being listed by which clothing they wear, wolves or sheep, you decide and I won't debate you here about it. I submit, however, that all politicians are wolves in sheep's clothing because none of them vote their conscience and convictions 100% of the time. They are expected to, and I think mostly do, vote party lines most of the time. I recently read that one study showed they did so 98% of the time; I hope that is untrue. Like the attorneys that most of them are, anyone calling themselves a "politician" is nothing more than a feckless, putrid, facsimile of a human being, not worthy of my respect until proving otherwise.

This is why I don't post much about politics.