December 2nd, 2004


New car... need rest... must work...

Okay, so I've faced the fact that I am possibly so far behind in LJ, I may never make it all back up. I have been very busy. We got a new car this week so we've been road trotting, car lotting and credit union plotting, till we accomplished the car boughting (sorry).

I work the next three nights in a row, and I really didn't get my usual "down time" while I was off. But, a really nice car goes a long way toward assuaging the pain of a new debt and having to return to work. I could feel a bit more assuaged, however.

More later, and some catch-up reading, I hope. Time for some bullet biting, punctuated by a brief pre-work nap. Ummmmm naps.

Oh. 2003 Honda Pilot, slightly used (thus to let someone else eat the initial depreciation), 27K miles. Near mint.