January 13th, 2005


I am not working tonight.

I was supposed to work at "the other hospital" tonight, so I suited up and drove over. I hate it and do it because I need the extra money. When I got there, they said, "ICU didn't need you so we reassigned you to 5 East" which is Intermediate Care. I started working there, so I know firsthand it is a Chinee Fire Drill, so I said, "I'm sorry, I'm not comfortable working there, I only sign-up for and work in the ICU." This was not a popular stance, but my stance nonetheless. After the appropriate number of menacing statements bordering on veiled threats and looks of overt consternation, all of which failed to sway me, they sent me back home. So, I'm in my scrubs typing this, about to go get into some comfy shorts because it is 73 in the house, 69 outside, and humid because it is about to rain. It is HOT!

In celebration of my lack of funding, and getting to stay home, I am planning a post-o-rama that is long overdue. Expect to hear about the new dog, Evan's spelling bee, and my new teeth. Oh yeah there will be pics. I'll put'em behind cuts to spare you, though. At least mostly.


At the rate I'm getting spammed by online pharmacies offering every junkie's drug of choice without a prescription, and of course, viagra and cialis, my question is how are real pharmacies ever going to stay in business? But then, the whole mortgage e-mail spam thing did nothing to rid us of mortgage brokers did it? So, how many of you homeowners out there financed your mortgage through someone who spammed you with the lowest rates availiable? C'mon, 'fess up.

Biggest news first!

Evan (10, 4th grade) competed this week in the Regional Charter School spelling bee and WON! He competed against 12 other 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders from 5 schools. This win qualified him for the Winston-Salem Journal (the local newspaper) Regional spelling bee in March. Whoever wins that one goes to Washington, DC, for the National Spelling Bee.

Realistically, his chances are slim. Contestants can be in up to the 8th grade and under 16. He is in the 4th grade and 10. He hasn't really studied to get where he is so far, but he will have to if he wants to advance any further. He has tons of natural ability, mostly because he loves to read so much and because of his love of science. He said before this last bee, "I didn't get myself into this mess!" Meaning, he didn't ask to be advanced just because he spelled better than the others in his class. His heart wasn't in it then, but he kind of enjoyed the recognition he's gotten after winning this bee, so he may decide to put some effort into it after all. We've decided to encourage him to study, but not to force him to. If he wins, we're going to DC, if he doesn't, we'll get there someday, whether it is through spelling or not. Now the pics.

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