January 23rd, 2005


Another post-weekend post about nothing... except the cabana... and the future...

I did three in a row this weekend, which is unusual. In fact, I make my best efforts to avoid it. I did it because a couple of the girls were attending a class so the shift was short Thursday night. Now it's over and I'm glad for it.

We almost had some extreme action this Saturday. A guy came into the ER with 9 gunshot wounds. They clamped his aorta and rushed him into the OR because he was "bleeding out." They carved the guy up like a turkey trying to get to all the severed arteries to stem the bleeding, but he ended up checking out anyway. He was shot in the chest, abdomen, both knees, and both elbows. It's really tragic when you think about the hatred required to do that to someone, the evil.

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