April 27th, 2005


Duchess, the Houdini Jack Russell Terrier

She escaped twice today. I got a call from Volvo of Winston-Salem, less than a mile from my house, saying she was in their parking lot. I retrieved her and began repairs to the fence line. Every time I find a spot where she has dug underneath, I place a pile of gravel to fill the space, cover it with cement mix, and wash it down with the hose. Eventually, the entire fence line will be cemented in place and, presumably, dig proof. After I was certain there were no leaks, I put her back in the yard with the two Goldens.

Within an hour, I got a call from a neighbor.

Neighbor: Is this Bruce?
Me: (Tentatively) Yeess.
Neighbor: Well, I have Duchess!
Me: You want to keep her?

Good thing we put her name and my name, address, and phone number on her tag like a responsible owner, huh? I told Allie if Duchess was so dissatisfied with us and continued to escape, maybe I should just take the tag off and let someone else keep her! It is time consuming and frustrating to be chasing her down every so often. I have spent more than one cold, miserable, and often wet, hour out there working on the fence line to make it more secure.

This time she found a place in the front corner of the lot where she could stand on a short piling and jump over the fence there because it was so much lower. Truth is, if she tried she could jump the 4 foot fence anyway. It will be the final irony if, after hours and hours of securing the fence, she just starts jumping over it.