June 4th, 2005


Cell phone update...

Yeah, so I finally got my genuine LG battery at a significantly reduced price delivered to my door. I charged it and hooked it up and, as I told you, my phone worked flawlessly despite its recent dip in the pool. None of you had called me. In fact, no one at all had called me. No voice mails, no text messages. Depressing. Still, I'm happy that I can call whomever I want, whenever I want again. And my wife can call me from the driveway as she's leaving the house again as she usually does, though she just told me goodbye in the living room. Life is good.

Now THIS is a great quote!

I have found this one to be so true so many times in my dealings with the public. In any job where you provide customer service you will occasionally, only occasionally - if you are fortunate, meet a person who believes this flawed formula...

"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." -- Eric Hoffer

Rudeness = Strength. Uh, no. Quite the opposite in my book.