June 9th, 2005


Yes, I've been around...

I've been reading you guys but I haven't been posting much. Here are just a few of the things that have kept me busy.

- Cutting the trees back from around the pool.
- Getting the pool ready for swimming.
- Swimming in the pool.
- Mowing the grass
- Using the pressure washer to clean the deck by the pool, the back steps, and the front sidewalks.
- Seeding the front yard with grass seed.
- Cleaning an area in the unfinished side of the basement to move the dogs' crates.
- Moving the dogs' crates.
- Doing all of the above with a 10 year old and nearly 6 year old boy around.

Oh, then there's the other stuff: sleeping, eating, showering (lots of dirty work!), driving around buying things needed to accomplish all of this, etc.

So, I'm doing well, accomplishing much needed things around the house, working my job... all that stuff. I've been much more active and this is something I really need to be, so I'm pleased with myself. I hope to post some pics soon of some things and stuff. Can't have enough thing and stuff pics so, yeah.

As you were.