June 16th, 2005


Yeah! Tags baby!

Okay, I use Semagic almost exclusively for updating my LJ. Is anyone else out there wondering if they will update Semagic in the next few days to include support for using tags?

I don't know, I'm just wondering, but I expect they will include it pretty soon... otherwise, it makes Semagic useless for me because I plan to use tags on every entry.

Edit: As my sister noted, now begins the arduous process of back tagging entries. In my case only about 420 of them. Could be worse.

Must... remove self from... chair...

Must accomplish something... must have... purpose.

Time to grab the chainsaw and indulge in ManFun! The trees are shaking already! Or, it might be the wind. Hope you don't end up seeing me in a Vonage commercial! Ah, the smell of oil, the ring-ding-ding of a two stroke engine, the crackle of branches falling to the ground... Oh yeah, I gotta get outta this here chair first.


(*commencing pre-work finger count*)