June 29th, 2005


My boss told me last night that my eval will be a good one!

Yay! I worked 12 last night and I agreed to cover for a girl for 4 hours today so she can go to a Dave Matthews concert. So, I got off at 7am and have to be back there at 2:30pm. Uh, yik. So why are you guys keeping me up?

Oh, and could you not post too much today? I will probably be too tired to stay up a whole lot tonight.

Kidding. Oh, and great news! I'm not posting about my yard!

He's not even six yet...

Allie: (Complaining about the discomfort of the poison ivy on her arm)
Josh: Would you rather have that on your arm or have a shark bite it off?
Allie: I think I'd rather have this!
Josh: Well then, stop moaning!

What will we do with him in a few more years? ;-)