July 17th, 2005



I met my cousin, Jim, in a restaurant here in town the other night. Now, Jim and his family have just moved here from the Eastern part of the state (NC) and so it is a very rare event that I see him at all. This was the first time seeing him since he's moved here (for a job) and it was a chance meeting as we had not established contact since he had moved.

I went over and shook his hand and he came to our table and hugged my wife and was standing at our table talking to us. We had already noticed this strong odor (ahem, "perfume") on a lady at a nearby table when she came in and sat down. It was unpleasant smelling to me. So, in mid-sentence, Jim suddenly stops and says, loudly (due to the noise in the restaurant), "I smell patchouli!" I had never heard of it, so I said, "What is that?" And he says, "You know, that stuff hippies wear?" and makes perfume dabbing motions on either side of his neck. I cracked up. His delivery was just so funny. And, it was made funnier by how he didn't seem aware that anyone nearby (like, maybe the patchouli wearer) could have heard him.

It was good to see him and I hope we can get together now and then.