August 15th, 2005


3 down, 1 to go...

Because I'm off next weekend for Josh's sixth birthday, I had to move my days back in the week. The result was a 4 day weekend of 12 hour nights, and I am feeling it. I work tonight, then I'm off. I am sooo tired. But, it will be worth it to get to go to Chuck E. Cheese with the boys this coming weekend! </sarcasm>

My sister turned 30 yesterday. Happy birthday again! Maybe next year I can actually wish you that ON your birthday, rather than before and after it! I hope 30 isn't bad for you. It wasn't too bad for me, but 40 nearly killed me. I'm one of those people that would definitely rewind the odometer if I had the chance. I believe people who say they have no regrets are liars. If I figure out that rewind thing, I'll let you know.

Off to bed. Sorry to bore you all. Consider this just a place holder for something more interesting later. Hopefully.