September 21st, 2005

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Resistance is futile...

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LJ Interests meme results

  1. chocolate:
    Mmmmmm, chhhhocollllate. In the last few years, chocolate has become my favorite candy; almost the only candy I care about at all. My favorite isn't even really chocolate though, it's Lindor White Chocolate Truffles. Best. candy. ever.
  2. dogs:
    I've had dogs as long as I can remember. Not too long after marrying Allie, we got Spanky, a mixed (part chow, part golden retriever we think) breed that lived with us for 16 years. I miss him. Now we have two golden retrievers named Jake and Buddy. I love dogs! Cats? Ummm, no!
  3. friends:
    Duh. Who isn't interested in friends? I don't have enough friends. Maybe I'm anti-social, but I prefer to believe it is because I have a busy family life and don't get out much. Also, I'm a guy that isn't sports oriented and I don't drink. These factors greatly reduce my friend pool by default. I'm okay with that.
  4. journaling:
    It started on a whim, because my sister was into it, and it was intriguing. I'm a boring journaler as far as most people would be concerned, but I'm not doing this for them, or you. I just want you to read it! ;-) And comment! But if you don't, I'm going to keep it up because I don't like paper journaling, but I want to keep a record of my life and what's happening; if not from day-to-day, at least over the years.
  5. livejournal:
    Again, got it from my sister. She gave me a code, back when a code was required to start an LJ. I soon upgraded to a paid account, and when they offered permanent accounts for 24 hours awhile back, I beg/borrowed/stole to get one. I plan to be here from now on, however long that is, so it was economical in the long term for me to do that.
  6. mp3s:
    What can I say about this that you don't already know? What did we do without mp3s? I own quite a few CDs, but I like a lot more music that I wouldn't buy the whole CD to get. That's where the Internet and mp3s have helped me out. I have about 3K tunes on my hard drive that I've either stripped from my CDs or acquired from iTunes or somewhere else (wink, wink). Love the tunes. Love mp3s.
  7. pens:
    All my life I've always been particular about the kind of pencils and pens I use. Nothing fancy, mind you. I'm not a fountain pen freak or anything. I like 'em cheap but functional, and they have to have the right feel when I write on paper with them. Currently, I use the Pilot G-2 gel ink pens with an extra fine point for the most part. The ink is much darker (black) than regular (non-gel) ink. Oh, and I love the new Sharpie retractables for more permanent needs.
  8. sculpture:
    I like sculpture. Not the kind art critics praise, but the kind I like. That is, whatever I see that appeals to me. It is an interest of mine because I think I would also enjoy doing sculpture. That kind of hands on creation appeals to me. I will eventually try it.
  9. tools:
    Okay, this is what I like instead of sports. I like woodworking tools (which I have a fair selection of), metal-working tools (which I don't have very many of... yet), hand tools, power tools... I just love tools. I would have been a very innovative cave man, I think.
  10. writing:
    I enjoy good writing. Again, not what the critics say is good, but what appeals to me when I read it. I also like to write and occasionally I think I do it well. Sometimes when I read something I wrote, often years before, I am surprised that I wrote it. I think, "Wow, I'm surprised I can write that well!" You aren't likely to agree, especially since most of what you read here from me is fairly mundane. See the first two sentences, where I state I like reading what appeals to me. No apologies. Ultimately, I would like to find a writing niche and an audience. It's a dream.

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