January 4th, 2006

Happy Face

I've been published!

Well, not really... well, sort of!

Okay, The Sun Magazine publishes a real paper monthly you can buy at your fav book store, and they post monthly highlights online as well. I believe you can also subscribe to the online version. They take reader's submissions and pay for them.

They also have a section in the back called Readers Write with a monthly topic which you can submit to as well. This month's subject was "Playing With Fire" and I was published as the first entry! I don't know if that means it was really good, really barely acceptable, or just because I live in the state where the magazine originates. I didn't get paid money, so it isn't like I truly got paid to write something, however insignificant; but I did get a free six month subscription and a copy of the issue with my submission in it!

So, I'm published, sort of! And I got paid for it, sort of!

One other thing, they edited the mess out of it. Not only did they chop stuff out, but they added things as well. It was a good experience for me, because I learned a lot by seeing what they took out. Mostly, their decisions were sound. It will help my self-editing in the future. And, they sent me an edited version in the mail for me to approve/disapprove, so I didn't have to accept the edit if I didn't want to. I'm glad I did. This feels like I accomplished something!