May 13th, 2006

Big Blue Marble

Yes, I'm behind on my LJing again!

Should you be wondering where I've been this time, which, of course, you're not...

Seriously, I realize this won't be of much interest to most of my friends list.

I've always thought CAD (Computer Aided Design) was interesting. Recently, Google acquired the CAD software of another company and decided to make a FREE beta version available for download. As a curiosity, I d/l'ed it and gave it a whirl. I am now mired in some type of design/play/crack habit of 3D addiction. I am really having fun with this program and I couldn't even tell you why. My wife is certainly baffled. Anyway, I have some pics of the stuff I've been "making" or really just playing with to learn how to use the software.

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