May 31st, 2006

Ghost Town

It's all about perspective...

Yesterday, the sky fell.

Okay, so no one was injured, no major loss of property was involved, and the laptop survived, er, I mean was totally destroyed! Yesterday at about 3:45pm our living room ceiling, which has been cracking for awhile, and which I had shored up with a 2x4 brace, collapsed. It ain't pretty folks.

Collapse )
So, any guesses what I'll be doing for the next few WEEKS?

Lessons taken from this:

Lesson the first: No procrastination on important things like repair work, etc. Especially so I can sit on the couch and watch TV!! Yes, I've taken this event as a sign from a higher power (in my case, God).

Lesson the second: Don't use blow-in insulation!

Lesson the third: Perhaps the most important - Declutter!
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