June 25th, 2006


Two down, one to go...

Maybe tonight I won't get to make a trip to the morgue! Sheesh. Must sleep, will catch up wich youz tomorrow. Thanks for the support guys. I am so happy (and fortunate) to have you as LJ friends!

Breakfast out this morning with my wife and kids more than makes up for any damage they can "try" to inflict on me at work. And I know you know what I mean. BwaHaHaaaa! I am emotionally inVINCible!!

*Looks in mirror to see if it's working*

Night all. ;-)

Good News: Bad News

Good News:

-I'm on my last night of the weekend and my patient is very stable.
-I have an empty bed.
-I have time to make this entry while I'm at work.

Bad News:

-Neither of my patients from Friday night are still alive.
-I have an empty bed... on a Sunday night... in the Trauma ICU.

Standing by.