October 25th, 2006

Happy Face

The beard is back...

I'm growing the grizzly back for the winter... theory being: the more ugly mug covered the better.

That, and I think the beard combined with a tuque makes me look tougher. If you follow the link to that word, you will find a definition and a picture of those who inspired me to use it, eh?

Maybe an ugly(partially obscured)mug/tuque picture is in order, eh? Take off!


39 degrees and TOP DOWN... er, actually I don't have a convertible (a la Jim). And it's too cold for the windows to be down on the Bigdawg (family name for the Explorer) on my landfill run. So, coffee?

(I bet Cin knows what a tuque is, oh yes she does!)

Someone stole my small, barely-working-yet-only-one-I-had-met-all-my-needs compressor off my front porch. I guess I deserved that. It was a freebie my dad gave me, so no real financial impact. Wish I coulda caught 'em though. With my tuque on. Grrrrr. So, now I have to buy a new larger, better, more powerful one. I swear, I'm trying not to let it bother me, but someone on MY porch in MY yard stealing MY stuff... I could so hurt that person.
Happy Face

Mug Shot

"Now watch him Folks cause he's a fairly dangerous man!" -- CDB, Uneasy Rider

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Stopped for an Oreo shake on my way to the dump, and had time to squeeze off a self portrait. Probably not my best work.