December 13th, 2006

Space Cowboy

This ain't no Law and Order!

Sorry I haven't commented to you guys yet.

Today I begin jury duty as an alternate juror. All the boredom without actually participating! This young man "allegedly" sold crack cocaine 5 different times over a couple of months and they know the exact weight of each sale as well as the date, time, and location. I'm must guessing, but I'm thinking he was selling to a Fed? So, we'll see if his public defender is the next Johnnie Cochran, or if he be screwed.

Sinus drainage commenses to beat the band, thus to make sitting still ALL DAY even more pleasant. Sore throat, dry heat, not enough fluids, no foot props or computer/TV. How will I survive?

The good news, I probably won't have to work Friday night. Still on for Saturday and Sunday, however.

I say huzzah.