December 20th, 2006

CB Christmas

I regret having never focused in chemistry class...

Three days back on the anti-depressant after missing a few days due to a near death stomach virus of sorts. I haven't been hit that hard and been that sick in, literally, decades. I'm better now, though the sinuses continue to be overzealous. Slight cough resulting.

However, it's 5 days till Christmas and I am not wanting to die. This is known in my house as progress, or at least in my brain. But then, any queries as to the what/when/where/how/who details of all holiday scheduling draws a blank stare from me. I just left all the "planning" to Allie and told here to frequently remind me when to show up. My job, which is enough, is to be civil and engaged to her expectations. Not one of the bullet points on the marriage brochure as I recall it. Resistance is futile. I was assimilated a long time ago.

Add 5 (+++++) positivity marks to that above paragraph and it will be in the spirit I originally intended.

I imagined (or did I?) someone sent me a message through the LJ feed of the PostSecret website. It isn't the first time. Do you do that? Read those cards and say to yourself, "Man, are they talking to/about me?" I love reading them, though.

Jury duty was a bust. I had car and traffic issues last Wednesday morning when I was due to show up at 0900 as an alternate juror. I was 30 unavoidable minutes late! They excused me. Ha! I'll be late from now on! ;-) I still got credit for going through the process and, although I could be called in the remaining 2 weeks, it isn't likely. Now to wriggle out of District duty January 23.

ADD people shouldn't have to do jury duty. In fact, if I am ADD, and I actually got a diagnosis of ADD, I probably would be excused. Is it worth the label to get the free ticket out from now on? Nah, not unless I got one of those handicapped parking placards to hang on my car mirror. Kidding! I hate seeing seemingly healthy people using those.

I watched American History X this week. I had seen a small portion of it before and finally watched it all. The central character is played by Edward Norton (of Fight Club fame, another movie you should see) and he is a Neo-Nazi Skinhead. I recommend it.

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The boys are home now, no homework. The Gameboy Advance games they recently bought (used) with their allowance money have really made the house a quieter place. We don't have any other game consoles so computer games are their only other option. They are mesmerized whenever those things are in their hands. It's a good way to teach moderation, that is, if I knew anything about that myself.

I know there wasn't much of a point to this rambling post. But it IS a post.