December 22nd, 2006

Happy Face

A quick and easy one for the night...

As much as I love Firefox over Microsoft's Internet Explorer browswer, there are times when a site just doesn't look right or just won't run like it should in FF. For those times, this add-on, called IE View, allows you to right click on the page and load it in Internet Explorer. There is also an option to "Always load this page in IE" if you know it is a problem site for FF.

As before, you need the Firefox browser installed and open, then go HERE to install IE View. Restart your browser after installing in order for the add-on to work.

I know, it isn't much, but it's good to have when you run into a page where you need it!
CB Christmas

And he's only seven...

Isn't that a bit young to start having woman troubles? Josh is in the kitchen getting ready to have a snack. He's by himself (I'm in the adjoining office) and apparently in a contemplative mood. After a minute, he decides to discuss his concern with me.

Josh: Dad, can you believe this is the last year Eliana will be on the bus? I may never get to see her again.

(Eliana is a 5th grader on Josh's bus. He adores her and is in heaven whenever she decides to sit with him.)

Me: Yeah, that's true, you might not.

Josh: And I'm not even old enough to marry anybody.

Me: Well the good thing about that is, someday you will meet a girl that is even more wonderful than Eliana.

Josh: Impossible. Totally impossible. She's the most beautiful girlfriend out of all of my over ten girlfriends.

Hahahahahaha! And I was worried for a minute!