December 28th, 2006


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I have The Outlaw Josey Wales on one channel and Deliverance on another. I've seen them both several times so I'm not missing anything when I change channels, because I already know what happens.

Life is good.

Evan (12) got a new bicycle for Christmas. He has only recently showed any interest in riding a bike. In fact, we got him one when he was about 5 and he didn't want to ride it. It's in the basement with the training wheels still on it; hardly ridden at all. Josh (7) wasn't thrilled at the idea either until Evan got interested. So, today was the day.

I took them to a nearby park while Allie was at work. There was a "trail" that was hard packed gravel, so it rode much like pavement, but was softer, almost like dirt, if they fell. In about 30 minutes, Evan was riding unassisted, and Josh mostly needed help starting off. We moved to the parking lot, and they continued to practice. I am amazed that both of them caught on so quickly, but I'm also very excited for them. It felt good to finally accomplish that milestone daddy job of teaching them to ride. I felt as though I made up some important ground in an area I'd been remiss, partly due to their lack of interest.

They were so excited about it, that when we picked up Allie from work, we went to a nearby high school (larger parking lot, now that they were steady enough for pavement) and they got to show off awhile. It was awesome! Unfortunately, it was getting too dark for pictures by then. When I was with them by myself, I used the new camcorder to tape them once they could ride without my guidance. That's all the footage I have, but it's good enough.

Deliverance is over now, but Josey Wales is my favorite anyway. One of my top 3 movies, probably.

Lone Watie: I guess we ain't gonna see that little Navajo girl again.
Wales: Yeah I guess not. I kinda liked her. But then, it's always like that.
Lone Watie: Like what?
Wales: Whenever I get to likin' someone, they ain't around long.
Lone Watie: I notice when you get to dislikin' someone they ain't around long either.

Have a good night.