February 27th, 2007


SciWorks, SciFi, Science in action, we got it all.

I'm taking Evan to SciWorks today to compete in a County science fair because he placed first in his grade at his school last month. More on that later. Survived my 3 nights, but it took a lot out of my physically. Emotionally there were no major losses. Maybe more on that later.

Evan has shown an interest in drawing, eXpecially drawing dragons, so I got him two dragon books, one specifically "How to," to help him in this endeavor. I had a $25 Amazon gift certificate and I was having a tough time deciding what to buy with it, so his books cost me $2 and change. Yay! I'll probably scan in his drawings and let you see them at some point. Maybe later.

So, stand by for LATER. Great day to all. Me? I can't be on the judging floor so I'm floating about (*translation - I'll be lounging over a cup of coffee somewhere) from 9am till noon.

No matter what they tell you about them, NSAIDS save my life every week.