September 6th, 2007


The Gym of Doom...

We decided that part of homeschooling for us would be a membership at the local YMCA. Monday we visited a couple of them that were pretty close and would have visited a YWCA as well but it was closed for Labor Day. We've come to a decision and are definitely going to join.

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Long story short, I'm debating on what to do today, considering taking the boys to the Y again (Allie's at work). I'm still so sore it hurts to do anything that requires movement, even to turn over in the bed! But I know that the soreness will loosen up quickly if I get moving again. I might take the boys on the court today and introduce them to racquetball, or I might just take them swimming, or both. If they know we are going swimming, I doubt they'll be interested much in racquetball, so I may not tell them about the swimming afterward.

Suffice to say, if we continue to make use of this, it will be a VERY positive life change for both me and Allie, and a healthy habit to get the boys started with as well. This is the goal, and I plan to integrate it (as P.E., of course) into their homeschooling. A year round place for swimming and being active is just what we all need.

Wish us luck!