November 4th, 2007

Whassup Killuh?

2 down, one to go...

And tonight's extra hour of work was brought to you by stupid government ideas, unless you live in Arizona. Because, you know, a TWELVE HOUR shift isn't enough!

So, honestly? If the gym was open this morning, I would so be there. I felt like a TIGER last night! So much energy and just all around bouncy and... happy? Wow, I knew there'd be a difference, but... yeah, wow.

I'm not sure if I'll get up early and go before work tonight or wait and go tomorrow morning. But I'm goin'!

For now, I endeavor to sleep and prepare for my last night of the weekend. Meh, it's only twelve hours. I can do anything for twelve hours.

Off topic for all of you, but of interest to me: The IFL Grand Prix was on last night. Chris Horodecki, aka The Polish Hammer, is the future of MMA, IMO.