January 12th, 2008

Weight loss

5 /150

I've entered a partnership with thunderslug in which we share a goal of 150 workouts in 2008. Today was 5. Yesterday, my normal workout day with my dad, Allie had an emergent dentist visit which, fortunately, turned out to be something like a "bruised ligament" around a tooth. Coulda been a lot worse! She has been fortunate to be able to handle the discomfort with Advil, mostly. So, didn't go with dad and didn't want to make a habit out of skipping whenever he and I can't meet for some reason, so I went this morning after work. Some might call that suboptimal, but I managed to have a good workout anyway.

I tried out the elliptical machine for the first time this morning. That thing is of the devil. It worked me, though, and that's arguably the purpose of going.

The FitLinxx site is almost - finally - caught back up from the downtime caused by a loss of their link with the Y. They still owe me some iron from December and most of January's workouts. I've lifted a lot more than two measly elephants! I'm currently running about 12,800 pounds per workout, maybe a bit more. It feels good, but the progress is... meh. Still, I'm doing a good thing here.

Beddy bye 'cause I got two more.