January 14th, 2008

Lone Gunmen 03

Your eyes get itchy in the wee wee hours, sun's just a red ball rising over them refinery towers...

I'm just coming off my three 12 hour nights in hell the trauma ICU. Coulda been worse, has been, survived it quite well actually. But still, when you work this schedule it doesn't matter what happens, you come out of the weekend feeling wrung out and just really, really tired.

Dad isn't going to be able to meet me at the gym this morning.

Allie is working all day and won't be home till after 5pm.

The boys will be doing their school work today when they get up.

I've been awake since yesterday afternoon.

These are all valid reasons not to make myself go to the gym this morning.

I'll let you know how my workout went later.

...hey mister DJ, won't you hear my last prayer? Hey ho, rock and roll, deliver me from nowhere.
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    Bruce Springsteen - Open All Night