February 20th, 2008

Ghost Town

That which has not killed me...

has made me significantly weaker.

I've slept at least 50 of the last 60 hours. My sinuses are much dryer, my chest congestion is much better. But I'm still weak and I still have some congestion, though none of it ever turned green (TMI). Today, for the first time, I took generic Dayquil instead of generic Nyquil. I made it out to the boys swim lesson and back home, then proceeded to sleep like, six hours, to make up for it! Now, I'm up long enough to get a drink and post this and I'm off to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day I feel much better.

Oh, and 275.5 despite having not worked out. Must be the lack of eating and drinking because I've been asleep so much. I'm on the Plague Of Death weight loss plan.