May 9th, 2008

Old Glory


I broke 270 today. Scale says 268.

This is big, yes (in more ways than one), pardon the pun.  However, like I told my dad this morning, when I reach 250 I'll know I'm doing something because it's been years since I've been down there.  Oh, and as a side note, I weigh exactly 100 pounds more than my boot camp issue weight in June of 1984.  So, as you can see, though the weight loss is exciting and good and all of that, I'm a short way down a long road, so the mood remains realistic and sober.

Wednesday and today I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical torture device and lifted my 12k+ pounds.  Seems the extra 30 minutes I spend lifting has a tremendous effect on my emotional/mental outlook.  Since starting back last week I've been on the couch less, I've been moving more, I've been eating better.  Things are a couple of shades brighter most of the time.  To be more direct, even though I continued the cardio during my month off from lifting, I think it is the weights that have slightened my depression issues.  Who would've thought that?  I didn't.

Clearly I've lost whatever cushion I had earlier in the year.  I'm at 51/150 workouts for the year and It's May 9th.  May have to jump back on the Saturday morning bonus torture.

I've just started something else that's exciting to me.  I bought one of those HUGE containers of whey protein at Wal-Mart only to find it's half full.  Now for breakfast I'm having one scoop (26 grams of protein!  !! !) in some 2% milk with some ice and a banana blended together.  Yesterday I went all Rocky and put a raw egg in it.  Problem is, it's too fluffy.  I want it to be thick and shake-y, like a smoothy, but it's coming out super frothy.  I have to experiment and figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Still, a nearly ALL protein breakfast and a reasonable (one hopes) lunch have found their way into my diet. 

As I've told you before, I knew the diet part was going to be the hardest for me so I've saved my focus on that till last.  Now we begin.  I've got a bunch of chicken breast pieces marinating in Frank's with a bunch of other spices thrown in there for good measure.  Lot's of body friendly chicken in the freezer just waiting to be thawed and eaten with a salad or such is going to help as well.

Gotta sleep soon for work.  Two day weekend, I scoff at you! Pish.