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Merry New Year! Would you like some beef jerky? There's plenty you know. Ahahahaha!

Had a good Christmas and New Year, mostly hanging out at home. Josh got a Nintendo DS Lite and Evan got one a month or so ago so the house has been oddly quiet, except for the occasional, "Aw, come on!" or "DUDE!"

Last night we went outside right at midnight and shot off some of the "illegal" fireworks we bought when we went on our recent beach trip. In North Carolina, it is illegal to have fireworks that act as projectiles. You can buy those little sparking fountain type fireworks that sit in the driveway, but you aren't supposed to launch bottle rockets at your neighbor's roof and try to burn their house down. I mean, how are boys supposed to have fun? So after a few brief moments of that, we came in and drank our sparkling grape soda and settled back down.

I had an appointment yesterday morning with a hematologist so I skipped my first workout since starting on November 4th. They drew some blood and sent me home, telling me my PA was probably being overly cautious in sending me to them because my white blood cell count has been very slightly elevated for the last few months. Normal is approximately 4 to 10.5 (8 being the "average") and mine has ranged from 11.6 to 12.7. They assured me this was really only a problem if it was on an upward continuum. Basically, don't worry about it, we'll see you in a year. I'm considering it a potential bullet easily dodged.

Back to the workout skippage. This was more than a mere slackery on my part. Yes, I failed to go hit the treadmill and push some iron later in the day. In fact, I consciously decided to skip it. It was the last day of the year and I figured I could just shrug it off and pick back up in 2008. If you've paid any attention at all to what I write here, you know I have a serious "disorder" of being ALL or NOTHING, and that my goal is to learn to MODERATE in ALL things as the common folk do. So, to simply "skip" a workout and pick back up will be a major step for me, as I'm neither ALL (never missing a day, being obsessive about the workout schedule), nor am I NOTHING (quitting and walking abruptly away from the gym). I can miss one workout without really losing anything.

The question, currently unanswered, is will I continue with my M/W/F starting tomorrow and keep the flow? I already know the answer, and I'll be meeting Dad at 7:30 in the morning for our stationary walk.

My diet changes have mostly stucken, though I'm eating a tad less salad than I did at first. Still, I usually eat half my entrée when we go out, appetizers optional, salad regularly, dessert rarely. I'm not counting anything, just keeping an awareness of what's going in. If I continue to not lose weight for another month or so, then I'll consider that I may be eating a maintenance diet and begin cutting down and being more careful about my diet. I'm not interested in starving myself or eating like a rabbit in order to lose weight because I've been there before and I know that the backlash makes up for the suffering you put yourself through. Eventually, you get mad about starving and start eating steaks and burgers every day. Which, coincidentally, is my preferred diet anyway!

Slow, steady progress. Moderation. And, with that, I'll reveal my one, solitary New Year's Resolution. Next post in one sec...
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