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Post workout Breakfast of Champions - Take II

Any votes for Newman's Own Ginger-O cookies and V8 juice? Anyone? Bueller?


I didn't go up on any weights but I was able to complete all my sets. I did another 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and if you missed Cin's comment to my other post about it here, it's worth a click. Hands down the funniest comment I've had in months I'll tell ya! I'm still chuckling every time I think about it! It works me harder and in a different way than the treadmill, but I will probably keep using both.

Here's a rundown for those interested, currently:

-Treadmill/elliptical 30 minutes

Two sets of eight reps on each of these:
-Lat pulldowns - 180 pounds
-Chest press - 100 pounds
-Seated shoulder press - 60 pounds
-Seated rows - 120 pounds
-Leg extensions - 350 pounds
-Seated back extensions - 140 pounds

Totals out about 15,200 pounds per workout.

Not saying this is any real feat or that it is an impressive amount of weight, because anyone who lifts knows it isn't. But it IS progress, and it pleases me to say so.

I don't have any real guidance so I'm just doing what I do. I plan to expand to some more machines soon. Since I'm all or nothing, if I complete my two sets at a certain weight on an exercise for two workouts in a row where I feel like I could have kept going on my second set, I add weight the next time I do that exercise. My goal isn't to be "big" but I also don't plan on stopping the weight increases till I'm picking the machines up and walking around with them. If I had a willing partner, I'd be free weighting, but the iron room is an intimidating place to be by yourself, fat and flabby, and without a spotter. Not ready for that yet. Advice on any of this welcomed and humbly accepted.

The boys will be up soon, perhaps I should prostrate myself for a few minutes.
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