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Today Allie and the boys went to the Y with me. Allie and I did 30 minutes on the treadmills while the boys played their Nintendo DS games, then I took them swimming. Evan took and passed the swim test today so he is now allowed to swim without me being there with him. Josh also tried to pass the test, but a different lifeguard tested him and I don't think he was very fair with it. I think the other lifeguard that tested Evan would probably have passed Josh. At any rate, it won't be long till he can pass it, too.

We are going to sign them up for swimming lessons in February. We intended to do that today, but registration doesn't start until the 26th. That way, they will learn how to swim properly, rather than learning my flail-a-matic technique. Okay, I can swim. I mean the Marines took their best shot at drowning me and couldn't do it, so I must have some water skills. But they're not pretty. After the boys take the classes, if they decide they want to, I will let them join the swim team. I doubt Evan will want to because anything that sounds like it might require effort is immediately rejected by him. I don't know about Josh, though. He might decide he likes it. We'll see.

As previously discussed, today was part of my "plan" to add extra cardio days. Ideally, I'll add Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday cardio to my Mon/Wed/Fri schedule of cardio plus weights. No, I'm not all thrilled about going to the gym SIX DAYS a week, but I'm even less thrilled about still weighing 280 pounds over two months after starting my workouts. Folks, there is just NO WAY I'm eating enough food to maintain that weight. It has to be that I'm adding muscle as fast as I'm losing fat. I'm eating less/better than I was when I was couch warming (Chesterfield, Cin) and I'm working out now. HAS to be muscle. That's my story, anyway.
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