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Gym, puppy and the Bee Oh Cee.

Today's BOC*, brought to you by a dead car battery, is sprouts and deluxe mixed nuts with a side of Sam's Choice water.   If you mix a handful of nuts in with a couple handfuls of sprouts, the salt spreads around and makes everything sooo tasty!  Now the saga unfolds...

The boys and I were planning to go swimming at the Y today.  I mustered the courage to commit us to going (it took, literally, all week) and finally told them to suit up (sweats, socks, crocks - winter transit attire).  We went to load up in my old '91 Explorer, which always surprises me when it starts.  Today I was unsurprised.  Some IDIOT(!) left the lights on and the battery was dead (add witty metaphor of your choosing).  So, perhaps tonight after Allie gets home, we will go for an evening swim.

That is, if we don't get invited over to my friend and co-worker's house to see Stupid Ol' Charlie.  You haven't met SOCharlie yet, but you are going to love him.  He is a Shih-Tzu puppy that is about 3 weeks old and we are going to be bringing him home when he's ready!  When we are unable to see him for a few days, we start calling him "Stupid Ol'" Charlie to illustrate our disappointment.  Usually we call him Charlie Brown.  You wanna see him, don't you? 

Most recent visit.
Most recent visit.
First visit: Notice milk mustache!
First visit: Notice milk mustache!

Charlie and Casey (mother) 1/07/2008
Charlie and Casey (mother) 1/07/2008

Both the mother and father are less than 8 pounds so SOCharlie should remain quite small as well.

* BOC, as always, stands for Breakfast Of Champions
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