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On course to easily make the 150 for the year, so far.

I had a really horrendous night at work for my third night. One patient pooped a lake THREE times (you may think that's TMI, but trust me, I'm sparing you) and the other patient extubated himself twice (pulled out his breathing tube). I also had to transport him down to the CT scanner (through two buildings and 4 floors down), and he had to get a "central line" (large bore IV in a big, "main" vein) twice as well. Suffice to say, I was busy, didn't get my hour break, and came home real bad broke down.

Plus, I managed to kill the battery in my Explorer last week, so I couldn't make it to the gym this morning to meet Dad. I went tonight instead, against all compulsions. I honestly can't say how I manage to go when I don't feel like it, don't want to, and have to go alone. But you know what? I went. That's amazing and I'm glad it happens.

Tomorrow is a full day off in that Allie and I are supposed to hit the Y in the morning, then I have a doctor's appointment where he'll hopefully draw a bunch of labs, and they'll hopefully show that I'm living a much healthier life now. If they don't, I will be whompin' disappointed, but I already know I have to fix the diet because I'm not losing. And I should be, I'm under no illusions about that fact. But I digress. (I love to say that.) In the early afternoon we are going bowling with a crowd of homeschoolers, then in the late afternoon we're going to visit Charlie, the puppy we are soon to bring home. He's now five weeks old and just about to start eating food. If you missed it, you really need to look here, unless you are a cat person, in which case you may easily irritate me into run-on sentences about how cats are unworthy of our love.

I bought a sound card on eBay for Evan's (formerly Allie's) computer because the onboard one glitched and I have not software for it. I am hoping this one will work when I put it in, but who knows? It shipped directly from Hong Kong and there are very few English words on it. I hate all products Chinee (intentionally misspelled to reflect my pronunciation, get over it) but I didn't see any American made ones; at least, not for less than the annual budget of the IRS.

And now, some closing poetry (don't ask me how I know this).

Sweat is salty, skin oils stank
cardio sucks, take that to the bank.

Peace out and shower time (like Hammer Time with water).

(And now you know why I'm a nurse, not a writer.)
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