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Ten percent of the way! I read a quote in my e-mail today that I thought was hugely relevant to... everything.

Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages. -George Washington.

Arlo Guthrie has endorsed Ron Paul for president because he says Paul is the only candidate today who would have signed the Constitution if he'd been there. I agree totally. Some of the things I agree with Dr. Paul on:

-Immediate withdrawal from Iraq, where we shouldn't have gone to begin with.
-Abolish the income tax and the IRS.
-Reduce government to its original intended purpose (as enumerated in the founding documents).
-Restore liberty by eliminating laws that infringe on it. (Gun laws, Patriot Act, etc.)

I could go on, but I normally don't engage in much political discussion, mainly because I'm not interested in "arguing."

Weights and treadmill today. Should get lab results from my doctor visit tomorrow or so and see if all this stuff is working!
Tags: 150, politics

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