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Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

It's Super Tuesday, huzzah.

Don't get me wrong, but I hate politics, I really do. Mostly because it involves politicians. I'm intrigued by Ron Paul, however, as I've told you. I find it interesting that his support is coming almost exclusively from a true grass roots Internet effort. The "Mainstream Media" (MSM) is dumbfounded, yet determined to ignore his strongly conservative Constitutionalist message. In fact, they really just wish he'd go away. For example, before Giuliani dropped out, they frequently left Paul's caucus results off of any lists and showed Giuliani's even though Paul was consistently whipping Rudy. They did the same thing with Paul regarding Fred Thompson.

So, in addition to Ron Paul carrying a message that aligns with my socio/politico/religioso/economico beliefs, he is the MAJOR underdog. More power to him! I am hopeful that many of the strongly conservative voters out there have heard enough about him, and are willing to vote their conscience rather than being pragmatically obligated to someone like McCain, a liberal trying to don conservative clothing at the last minute (never mind that voting record behind the curtain!) It would really be cool to see him make a major, significant impact during Super Tuesday and leave the NewsHeads stammering for an explanation.

You know, polls have repeatedly shown TV journalists to be about 95% Democrat so can you really convince yourself their political bias doesn't come through? Hah! Just sayin'.

Now for things that are hopefully less Meh! Yesterday was 17/150 with elliptical torture and weights. Strong day. Today the plan is for Allie and I to hit the treadmills while the boys take their first swim class. But I'll count that chicken later. Dad got oriented to the weight machines yesterday so now he's going to show up 30 minutes earlier on M/W/F and do both cardio and weights like I do. Plan A is for him to do weights first, then I join him for cardio, then I do weights after he leaves for work. If he finds he prefers the cardio first, then I'll have to start showing up at 7am to do that with him. The thought makes me spit up in my mouth, but I'll do it.

We went to see Charlie again this week and he is even cuter (yes, it's possible!) than before because he's running around playing. We can't wait to bring him home. Probably another week or so. Updated pics later when I have more time.

And please, don't hate me for my political beliefs, blame my parents or something. ;-)
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