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Another cookin' 30 minutes on the Elliptical Torture Device (henceforth the ETD). I'd almost rather be waterboarded, except for that whole loss of breath panicky thing. Nah, it's not that bad really. Allie went with me and did her 30 on the treadmill. Score!

I got my new cell phone this evening, so everybody call me, okay? No! Not yet, it isn't charged. And I barely know how to answer it. And I need a new ringtone. Gah! I'm such a little kid sometimes!

But... it's blue. It is SO cool - shutting up.

Back at it tomorrow with Dad in the gym. The boys went for their first swim lesson today with mixed results. No one drowned and they learned some stuff, but we are hoping to get them into a class later in the afternoon where there is more than one instructor so they don't have to wait for the instructor to work with the non-swimmers and vice-versa.

Endorphins are awesome.

Edit: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Torture is NOT acceptable! We (the US) used to be, and are supposed to be the Good Guys(tm). How are we going to justify complaining when our citizens are tortured by other countries if we resort to such? And yes, waterboarding is torture you government knuckleheads! If you disagree, voluntary go through 10 minutes of it and see if you change your mind.

Back to the regularly scheduled endorphins.
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