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Oh. My. I'm real bad broke down. Three nights followed by 30 on the ETD and weights. I called Dad because I missed him at the Y (got there too late after work) and found out that he skipped out on the treadmill because "they were all full." I told him coming on these Mondays after my three nights is so difficult, if I could muster a cry to get out of it, I'd try it. No can do, I have that dry eye man thing. No matter how poorly I feel I can't cry about it.

When I cry, it's during movies, and I better get chick-like emotion points for admitting that. My sons can make me cry, too, if they say or do something that I'm not expecting. You want to know what movies, don't you? Sigh. Okay, the spooning scene in Titanic got me. And Schindler's list. You know after that movie when the actors escort the real life people to Schindler's grave and they place stones on it? Yeah, that one gets me every time. Also, the first time I watched it, some of the death camp scenes got me. Oh the humanity, right?

Take advantage of that admission, because it's only due to extreme fatigue and post-workout endorphins that I admit such things. Oh, and I spill TMI, too. Like, today's BOC is mung sprouts and Pepsi One. But today is the third morning I've eaten sprouts, so I can't eat them for a day or two or I will suffer irreparable sphincter damage. Oochie.

Today is Charlie day and we can't wait. Actually, Allie's at work so she has to wait, and I'm so tired I will be forced to sleep a few hours until it's time to pick him up. Fortunately, the boys are old enough to (mostly) autopilot themselves through breakfast and they schoolwork when they get up. I'll be on the couch so I can hear them slinking about trying to avoid waking me, thus being forced to begin their school day.

We had high winds yesterday which put the final destructive touches on our already failing roof. I have to call the insurance company about it. But now? I need sleeeeeeep!
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