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Annnnd, we're back up and running. I would say, "up to speed" but that would feel like a lie. Although my workout today, the first since 2/15, went very well. I was extremely strong on the treadmill and moderately strong on the weights. Big day, back in the gym.

I wasn't worried about dropping out and stopping my gym progress and I think that is mainly due to the fact that I still have my dad/gym partner. However, I also had the confidence that now "this is what I do." I am on a journey and a two+ week hiatus due to illness and temporary schedule changes isn't enough to stop me. It feels good to be at that place.

Evan and Josh finished their 4 week swim class (except Josh has a make-up class due to weather cancellation). There are classes for advanced swimming, but we aren't considering that. First off, I didn't see that much in these classes that impressed me they were getting first rate instruction. Secondly, they would rather swim for fun right now and haven't shown any interest (yet?) in swimming for competition. I look forward to going to the Y when the pool is slow and being able to swim with them now and have some fun in the deep water. Next step, learn to dive to the bottom (the Y pool is 12 or 13 feet deep!). Then? Retrieve stuff from the bottom, etc. I loved doing that stuff when I was their age. Josh has yet to pass the swim test which will allow him to swim all over the pool and to do so without me being in the pool area (so I can workout!), but he can easily pass it. It's just a matter of getting him in there and getting his confidence up. It's "swim" half the pool length after jumping in, tread water for 30 seconds, then swim the other half. Piece of cake for him. I say "swim" because all you have to do is not sink. You don't actually have to swim any particular stroke or anything.

Oh, and I bought myself some goggles because I am going to see how many (2.7) laps I can swim before I require medical assistance. Soon, there may be a time when I swim laps while the boys play in the pool. That's the plan. Of course, this is assuming the lifeguard doesn't dive in and rescue me halfway across the pool because I "looked like" I was drowning. My swimming is likely to be that unorthodox!

Charlie continues to grow. He's all the way up to 2.1 pounds! Hahaha! You want to see him, don't you? Sigh, okay.

(Hopefully, that worked, thus saving me multiple edits to fix it!)
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