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Where was I? Oh yeah, before the Plague of Death I was increasing my cardio to >3 times/week so that I would accelerate my weight loss. Back to that. Today was treadmill/30 and weights/~14600. (Edit: Actually this is going to be about 20,000 by the time everything's in the Fitlinxx system!) This evening, I'm planning on taking the boys swimming and doing some actual, you know, swimming-for-exercise type movements. I'll let you know how that goes.

Today's BOC is a 16 ounce cup of home grown mung bean sprouts with a handful of cashews and 6 (7 is too many, don't ask) prunes. WooHoo! Fiber! Oh, and the washdown of choice is Diet Sunkist aaaanj soda.

Weight's staying 275-278, which is my normal fluctuation range, give or take a pound. Dude, if I feel as different from 275 down to 250 as I've felt from 300 down to 275, look out. I may even become a person not suffering from depression. Already, I've gone from failure to thrive to sometimes frequently unmotivated. But see? My first reaction was to use the positive word, then I opted for the less positive. Still need to overcome that habit.

I'm planning on planting a small garden this year for the first time... ever! I've ordered some tomato plants from Burpee and I bought a used and really cheap copy of the Square Foot Gardening book. Check his site out, it's a neat way to break into gardening on a small scale and is perfect for apartment dwellers or anyone who doesn't have a large space to garden. Or, for that matter, anyone who doesn't want to work hard to maintain a large garden.

Charlie continues in his efforts to flay me alive, all the while maintaining that cute little demeanor. He's a terror in a 2 pound fluff suit. Somehow, he's gotten the idea that he's a pit bull, but we hope to reform him of that notion once he gets past the chewy puppy stage.

Time to get the boys up for school. 58 degrees and sunny today. I may just lay in the front yard all day.
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