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I took the boys to the Y to swim yesterday and we went when the pool was nearly empty. We were there for about 2 hours and I spent nearly all that time in the deep end with them. Josh passed his swim test yesterday! This means he can swim (as well as Evan) without my supervision as long as I am in the Y facility. So, when I'm not up to swimming, I can still take them and then go do my own thing! This is OUTSTANDING news for my workouts, as well as making them happy and getting them some good exercise.

So, back to the pool experience. I swam A lap. Okay, I actually swam back and forth numerous times, but I always had to stop after one length because I was getting winded and/or half drowning. Superlative was not a word I heard uttered about my technique yesterday. Apparently, all of my other exercise ventures thus far have failed to work my flail muscles because I can feel them today! I'm sticking with the idea that this is good news as, a) I'm not flailing about when I do other exercises, and 2) I stand to benefit immensely from swimming. Did you know panicking burns more calories?!

The boys put on the Y supplied flippers (a privilege reserved for "lap swimmers" but tolerated in the lanes during less busy times as well) and enjoyed swimming around in the twelve foot deep water! I'm so proud of how well they've adapted. Evan immediately challenged my flipperless self to a race to the other end of the pool and my mid-forties morbidly obese self proudly accepted as if I was still a Marine. Which I am not. I won by inches but I'm pretty sure I inflicted permanent damage to my cardiac muscle in the process. Still, the legend of dad must be maintained. Later, I had flippers on, which make swimming as easy as it was when I was a Marine, except Josh felt compelled to ride on my back, thus testing the dad legend again as I HAD to swim the full length or else be resigned to mere mortal status. Clearly my sons are out to kill me.

I think I may start out swimming laps with flippers so I can tolerate it a little better. Later, when I can, you know, actually swim lapS, I'll consider doing it all on my own muscle.

Oh, and pool dudes? What's with the swim caps? Aren't those for old ladies? Oh yeah, and real swimmers? I'm pretty sure there are no Olympic caliber swimmers cruising the lanes of my local Y on a Wednesday afternoon so couldn't we just dispense with the girly head rubbers? Buncha quimbies!

So, to summarize: swimming good, soreness okay, new mode of exercise... intriguing.

Edit: On an unrelated note, I may have to stop using this icon, or either alter it. I always feel like I need to write the disclaimer, "This icon isn't me!" ;-)
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