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31/150 - The Rancho Commons — LiveJournal
Note to self: no whining, no slacking
90 minutes in the pool. 

30 minutes of treading water/swimming without fins, nonstop.  No "floating" and a few assists from Josh who still thought I needed to be hung on and challenged to splash fights in 12 feet of water.

100 meters without fins, 200 meters with fins.  I tried to do 50 at a time, down and back without stopping.

Today was 90 minutes in the pool with minimal time spent holding the wall or ladder.  My tread water heartrate was 120's, my post 50 meters without fins heartrate was 130's.  Good target zone aerobically as well as using a lot more muscles.

Tonight I can definitely feel it.  I'm very tired and fatigued/sore in my muscles.  Aleve is enough to make it all better, though.  I had a half a 14 oz ribeye for supper.  I usually eat half my entree but we also had an appetizer and dessert (I ate about 3-4 bites of the dessert).  Man's gotta eat.

Tomorrow at 7:30am, treadmill and weights with dad.

Go me.

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