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UFC Fight Night

I'm at work and really not feeling it, so a UFC post!

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UFC Fight Night is coming up April 2nd. Here's the line-up with my picks for who I want to win, as well as some predictions on some of the fights.

Kenny Florian Vs. Joe Lauzon

I love to watch both these guys fight. They are both BJJ experts and it should be a firecracker of a match. Lauzon is the new blood, Florian wants to stop him and keep from getting pushed out of the 155 pounders.

Thiago Alves Vs. Karo Parisyan

Again, love to watch both these guys fight, but Parisyan is a jerk; so, I'm with Alves, again the new blood.

Matt Hamill Vs. Tim Boetsch

Hamill improved his striking remarkable when he fought Bisping (though he lost, I thought he should have won) and his wrestling is ace. Never heard of the other guy, so I'm assuming he's a can brought in to advance Hamill's stats or bust him up early on.

Kurt Pellegrino Vs. Nathan Diaz

Pellegrino, because the Diaz brothers have the market cornered on cocky, bad attitudes. They're both good fighters, but I don't like them personally.

Gray Maynard Vs. Frank Edgar

Edgar. He seems really tough, and he seems to be on the way up.

James Irvin Vs. Houston Alexander

Irvin, because Alexander is too focused on the "mad black guy" persona to respect the people he fights. He's tough, but to stand over your knocked out opponent with your kill face on like you are daring him to get up is being a royal jerk.

Marcus Aurelio Vs. Ryan Roberts

Roberts is a late replacement for Spencer Fisher, who would have been my fav (He's from NC), but now I pick Aurelio.

Josh Neer Vs. Din Thomas

Neer. Thomas has some sharp BJJ, but again, don't like him.

Jeff Cox Vs. Manvel Gamburyan

Manny is a short little bull and I think he'll overpower most people he fights.

Samy Schiavo Vs. Clay Guida

Schiavo, for no other reason than Guida keeps his hair too long and let's it hang in his face. It's stupid looking, like those Geico cavemen. But Guida will probably win.

Roman Mitichyan Vs. George Sotiropoulos

Meh. Sotiropoulos, I expect, will win, but I don't care either way.

Anthony Johnson Vs. Tom Speer

Who? Oh yeah, Speer is the farm boy off last season (The Ultimate Fighter)! I want him to win because he's very strong and a nice, easy going farmer!
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