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Quick Picks

Big pay-per-view event in the UFC tonight.  Big because my favorite, Georges "Rush" St. Pierre will be attempting to regain the Welterweight belt (170 pounds) he lost to Matt Serra last year.  This fight worries me.  I think Serra is a dangerous match for Rush.  The consensus is that Serra's win last year was a "fluke" over a much superior fighter in Rush.  However, I am nagged by the thought that Serra is a world class BJJ black belt under Renzo Gracie and his striking was sharp enough to catch Rush and finish him off.  That leaves Rush's superior wrestling which, against Serra, is likely to only lead to a BJJ ground fight.  Stand-up is Rush's best bet and he's already lost to Serra there once.  This fight is interesting.  And concerning, IMO, if you are a St. Pierre fan.

The rest of my "want to wins" follows.

Rich Franklin over Travis Lutter
Michael Bisping over Charles McCarthy, though I'd really rather see McCarthy win to tone down Bisping's loud mouth, I expect Bisping will win.
Mac Danzig should beat Mark Bocek, though my feelings are the same as above.
Nate Quarry and Kalib Starnes.  Hmmmm, tough one.  I think I'd like to see quarry win, but either way is okay with me.
Joe Doerksen over Jason McDonald.  Still like them both, I think.
Sam Stout over Rich Clementi.  I like to watch Stout (a former kick boxer) fight.  I hope he's around for awhile.

That's all for now.  Gotta go to work, huzzah.

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