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Elliptical and weights.  Nothing special.

The last 10 minutes of my 30 on the elliptical, this chick came in talking on her cell phone and proceeded to walk on one of the treadmills yammering away.  Rude, inconsiderate cell phone users irritate the snot out of me.  I was across the room and had on headphones, but she was right next to an older couple (the treadmills are in rows of three).  I couldn't ignore it.  I mean, there are signs saying not to use cell phones in the workout areas and locker rooms, etc.  Only in the lounge/lobby areas are they allowed.  Everyone knows this.

After my workout, I walked over there and said, "Excuse me, cell phones are not supposed to be used in here, there are signs everywhere saying that, we all know it (motioning to others in the room), now you know.  Next time, I'll get a director.  It's rude and unappreciated.  Thank you."

I made this statement calmly and without malice and she immediately left the area and stood in the stairwell to have her conversation.  Apparently, I wasn't alone in my irritation because 3 different people came up to me later and congratulated/thanked me. 

I still want one of these for the restaurants and clueless traffic talkers.  Someday.
Tags: 150, exercise

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