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Dude, I'm barely keeping up with life here. Or so it feels. Brief, blurry collage follows.

I bought one of these wallets and I really love it so far.

We went to Carowinds last Tuesday for Josh's ninth birthday (on Wednesday). It rocked, of course, and we rode the Nighthawk which blew me away. Best ride EVAR! You start out standing and it lays you back flat as you begin the ride. Then you proceed to zoom about, mostly hanging like you are in a hang glider, through a series of loops, barrel rolls, and inversions. It is so intense, I actually found myself thinking, "I hope this harness holds up, I'm a pretty big guy!" Rarely am I actually, you know, scared on a ride. This one does that for me. It was an excellent day full of good memories.

I have too much music in my music library. It is unmanageable, especially since I put iTunes on my box once and it rearranged it all into some Apple-centric gibberish. iTunes is off my pooter now. Hated it. Soon I will be in the correct mood to make progress with this. It is a combination of feeling incredibly patient, as well as being ready to prune the poo out of music I haven't listened to in, literally, years. Yeah, I really need Benedictine monks singing REMs "Losing My Religion," heh.

If someone would just die (or not) and leave me about 100K, it would erase nearly all of my life's mistakes and I'd never, ever make them again. Anyone, anyone... Bueller?

In my dreams, I live my life just like a Gene Hackman movie. When I wake up? It's more like I'm stuck in John Luvitz mode.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

If I were a good man, I'd understand the spaces between friends (Random Pink Floyd Quote section - New with every post!) (Yeah, probably not.)

We broke down and saw Iron Man at the $2.50 theater. Outstanding, just like I'd heard it was. It's a keeper. I read that this was the role of a lifetime for Robert Downey, Jr., the movie he was born to do. I agree. I like him, though he's had a lot of self-induced problems. He's human, and you want to see him "make it," no? Have you ever seen him in that Elton John Video? One cut all the way through, the camera is on him as he walks through a huge, vacant (and tacky, rich people have no taste) mansion lip synching the song flawlessly. You haven't seen it? HERE! I woulda embedded it, but it's disabled by the evil music company.

A 15 year-old kid was playing football for his school Friday night. It was just another hit, (you know we teach them to hit hard!) but his head got smacked back in just some special, one-in-a-million way that caused massive head trauma. He died last night at the hospital. If he'd have been a year older, he might have been my patient but he was, thank God for this, in the Pediatric ICU. I'm as tough as a Gene Hackman movie at work but, mark my words, somewhere, at sometime, I would have cried for him.

Moving on.

I have been reading you guys, nearly all of it. You make me happy, you know that?

I think I made an unconscious decision sometime in the distant past to exchange cold comfort for change. Meaning, I gave up change in favor of the other. I was mistaken. Must work on that.

Less numbness, please. Life, come prick my finger kick me in the junk to get me moving again.

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, this post is brought to you by post-work fatigue (read: fugue) and a combination of not working out recently and an inconsistency in my brain chemistry altering med consumption.

Questions? I thought not. You're probably better off.

Family interaction time. Wish me luck!
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