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Dear Logitech,

I've downloaded the latest software, I've done a clean boot as instructed to get my webcam to work (it doesn't), and I've gotten my G5 gaming mouse replaced with a G500, which displays the same symptoms the G5 displayed only the cord is clearly intact on the G500 whereas it was clearly fraying on the G5. My G500 now randomly stops working when using it for several seconds, (sometimes nearly a full minute!) It makes the disconnect/reconnect sound as if it was being unplugged from the USB port and replugged. Yes, I've tried it in numerous different USB ports. Yes, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software at LEAST a half dozen times with the latest software from your support site.

I've uninstalled everything and reinstalled them one at a time with the most recent software downloads to no avail. In short, I am disgusted with Logitech. And I've been a loyal customer for many years. I currently use a G13 Gaming keypad, A Wave Keyboard, my G500 (until yesterday) and Non-Logitech headphones with mic after having 3 Logitech sets stop functioning in one ear.

I used to consider Logitech to be great value for the dollar and good, quality, computer gear. But, I think I should just be able to plug all this stuff in and it work together, ESPECIALLY being the same brand! I don't want to jump through hoops to make it work, uninstalling and reinstalling software, spending countless minutes "working" on my computer instead of using it.

As of today, I will no longer bother you to try and get this stuff to work. I'll just quietly replace it with another brand as it stops working, starting with this G500, which I have enjoyed immensely when it worked, but have been frustrated with to no end when it cuts out.

If you look at my support history, I think you will agree I've given Logitech the benefit of the doubt.

I will also be posting this letter in my blog to let my readers know that I am doing this; because, after all, Logitech also benefited from all my claims of satisfaction and referrals when I still loved your products so.
Tags: hardware, logitech

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