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Day 3, juice only. Started 273, this morning 264.

I had a headache last night, pretty sure it was probably from caffeine withdrawal. However, I spent a few hours out in my parents hot, sunny yard yesterday while the boys and I helped them get their raised beds populated with veggie plants. I drank juice and lots of water, but it still could have been a headache from mild dehydration. I'm making sure to keep my water intake high so that isn't the problem if I get more headaches over the next day or so.

Energy level is good. The first day I was starving, yesterday I was hungry, so hopefully today I'll be numb. Last time I juiced, I had a goal of 15 days and made it 12. I quit because I was so pissed off about all the great food I was missing out on. In other words, I lost mental focus. I let my attitude go in the wrong direction. Instead of seeing how much I had gained and accomplished in 12 days, I allowed myself to think about what I was missing out on.

This time, I am aware of that error and I am working to keep it from happening. Last time, my end weight was 258, and this time I started at 273. Probably about 10 pounds of that was fluid and food in my gut, which is mostly gone now on day 3. So, while it sounds like I gained a lot of weight back, I'm thinking less than 10 pounds of actual weight. More like 5.

More as I progress.
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