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Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

Day 8

Officially over a week into juicing now. 261 this morning (from 273). I am now established on this journey, the single step that started it is safely behind me and my resolve seems to be improving. Numerous times every day I feel like quitting. But, I haven't.

I need to make a better effort at keeping busy for one thing. Now that I'm stabilized in this effort and my energy level has normalized, I am going to start walking and moving around more.

The first time I tried juicing, I did 12 straight days out of an initial goal of 15 days. But, then I quit. I had a lot of good reasons at the time. I wanted to eat, was the main one. It's astounding how encompassing the feeling of hunger can become if you allow it. To some extent, you have no choice. You can't control the feeling that comes up in your stomach at the mere smell, sight, or thought of food. But, I started thinking the last time about how much I liked food, and how much I missed food. I started to think about the foods I loved, and soon I was focused on the foods I simply must eat the day I completed my fast. It was New York style pizza from a local restaurant. I imagined it, savored it, dwelled on it. Pretty soon after that started, I ate it.

So, this time, I am making an effort not to fall into the trap of imagining food and anticipating it's entry into my gullet. This, I recognize, is the path to failure. Now, after fasting for 7 days, I won't count it a total failure if I get up from here and go grab a chili dog out of the kitchen. As Joe Cross of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead says, if you are shooting for a 10 day fast and you only make it 7, "Well, good on ya for trying, mate! Good on ya for trying!" (He's a little bit Austrailian).

So, on day 8, looking forward and struggling through the smells and scenes of food around me, sometimes right next to me crunching and gobbling, I head to my juicer and think, yeah, good on me.

As Joe always says, juice on!
Tags: health, juicing, weight

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