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Day 19

Juicing every day, no food at all most days, a few bites others.  Currently I have lost 16.5 pounds.  I expect the loss to accelerate because I started walking Thursday.  I skipped yesterday (Friday) because I was actually sore from walking, a sad truth I know.  At any rate, I plan to walk at least every other day, but every day is preferred.  It will be hard to make that happen when I'm working 3 nights in a row, but I'll manage.

Tomorrow will be day 20.  I will be 1/3 of the way through my plan of juice only for 60 days and I will be one day shy of doing this for 3 weeks.  It seems impossible to me even now that I could go that long ONLY drinking fruit and vegetable juice, but I have.  I could still eat everything I've had in the way of food for the last 19 days in a single meal, or two at the very most.

Day 10, as I've mentioned is when my hunger finally left me alone.  It was aggressive the first 5 days, annoying the next 5 days, then it left with Elvis.  I only feel hunger occasionally now and it is mild.  Usually it is when I have allowed myself to think about some food I want for too long.  When it happens, I can chase it off with some water or juice.

It is that lack of hunger that makes me think I can easily do this for as long as I choose.  The hard part now is waiting for the days to go by till I reach my goal.  This is my birth month.  Normally, my mom would make me a birthday meal with my favorite foods and I would go out to eat more of my favorite foods with my family.  This year, I'll have birthday juice - no candle.

Yet, sacrifice though this is, it is also a gift to myself.  If I am successful, I will lose enough weight that I will no longer need most or all of the medicines I am currently on.  My blood pressure, cholesterol level and blood sugars will be normal, or very close to it.  I will feel better, look better, and have more energy.  I will have hope for a better life.  This is how I look at it now when I start feeling whiny about all the great food I'm not eating.

I can do anything for 60 days.
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