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Panic is what happens when...

Allie told me this morning that E had told her yesterday that he hears voices all the time. If you know anything at all about Schizophrenia, this is extremely frightening. After hearing more from her and talking to him about it on the way to school, I am somewhat relieved to know that he says the voices only tell him to do things he is supposed to be doing, but isn't. More like a conscience or a mental reminder from himself that he isn't "focusing." He says they are not kids voices but sound like "you and mom." He says the voices sound real, not in his mind. I asked him a few questions and tried not to be too interested about the "voices" so he wouldn't think this was a good way to get attention. I explained to him what our conscience is and how it sometimes "talks to us" inside our mind to remind us to do the right things. If he brings up voices again like he did with his mom (this time I brought it up), and I feel like it isn't a legitimate topic (i.e., he's doing it to get attention) I will downplay it. I am reassured that the "voices" are telling him to do the right things. Still, it shook me to hear that he said that. At 8 years of age, he has no real concept of mental illness, so I don't think it possible he could make this up. He is, in some ways, fragile and sensitive; and maybe susceptible to the stress that causes a schizophrenic break. It is certainly something of which to remain aware.
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